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Ballistic Helmet Using High Pressure Molding

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It’s necessary to compare the speed of bullets between the use of composite materials before and after the infiltration of laminates with different arrangements for different ballistic fabrics. Through the bullet-proof mechanisms, energy absorption, boundary effects and failure mode of the survey, we found that the best arrangements for forming laminates bulletproof helmet or ballistic helmet enhance performance, the maximum level. We also found that, bullet-proof ballistic helmets have the best ballistic protection, bullet-pr

A very important measure of a ballistic helmet’s overall protective effect

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Are soldiers pleased with ballistic helmets? About the views of advanced combat ballistic helmet and the personal body armor system. Many factors are considered in the ballistic helmet design, including comfort, weight, adaptation, and maintainability. These factors affect about the use of ballistic helmets, the soldiers of the decision, therefore, the soldiers of the rea

Different types of ballistic helmets used in the military and law enforcement agencies in recent years

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This blog relates to a ballistic helmet in general, more particularly, in the bonded, laminated and make the same bullet-proof helmets and methods. For different types of bullet-proof helmets used in the military and law enforcement agencies in recent years. World War II, the ubiquitous metal helmet complement, has been replaced by plastic helmets to some extent. Unfortuna

Ballistic Helmets to protect people against bullets

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The main purpose of Dream of one World one Body Armor

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Facing so many names about the body armor, frank speaking, I am a little confused. Among these names, there are body armors, bullet proof vests or bullet-proof vests, anti riot vests, ballistic vest, etc, I like to use body armors and bulletproof vests very much. Different countries have dif

How is the Ballistic Helmets Made ?

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Today let’s talk about the ballistic helmets. The body of a ballistic helmet is made up of a variety of layers of ballistic fabric up to the formation of hexagonal blank. Prior to the establishment of the helmet body of each blank intervals along the seam line at about the center and its surrounding extended to form a generally circular central area and the expansion of the central region from the surface to form a continuous segment of

When Choosing Body Armor, Will You consider Mobility or Comfort ?

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When talking about body armor, people always think about the compromise: mobility and comfort, which also means speed and endurance, are bound to sacrifice greater protection to achieve a certain level. This is a controversial United States military is concerned, a little less biased armor, in order to maintain the body’s flexibility and others that want as much as possible protection is feasible. This debate is particularly effective in the war in Iraq more light, are equipped with conventional and 60 pounds up the burden of the U.S. military rebels. Weapons, ammunition, ar

Purchase Instructions For Bulletproof Vest

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Bulletproof vests are used to protect law enforcement workers in the line of duty. Most departments require that their officers wear a bullet proof vest at all times while working. If your department does not provide a vest, you’ll have to buy one on your own. The rule of thumb is to buy a new bulletproof vest every five years.

Step 1
Find a law enforcement-supply retailer. Typically, several stores are located in or nearby metropolitan areas. You will need to show your ID and badge to enter these locations.

Step 2
Get your measurements done. The store clerk should measure your dimensions

Bulletproof vest performs good protection

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Bulletproof vest protected a Clifton police sergeant last week when a Montclair man allegedly attacked him with a 6-inch metal gutter spike, authorities said.

Detective Capt. Robert Rowan said Sgt. Harry Van Winkle responded to calls about a suspicious man walking on the highway ramp from Route 3 east to Route 21 north at 10:44 a.m. When the sergeant confronted the man and asked why he was walking on the highway, the man said “get away from me,” Rowan said.
Van Winkle then questioned the man about a metal object that protruded from his pocket. The man, identified as Gian

Overview of Ballistic vests / bullet proof vests

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Ballistic vests use layers of very strong fiber to “catch” and deform a bullet and spread its force over a larger portion of the vest fiber. A deformable handgun bullet mushrooms into a dished plate on impact with a well designed textile vest. The vest absorbs the energy from the deforming bullet, bringing it to a stop before it can penetrate the overall matrix. Some layers may be penetrated but as the bullet deforms, the energy is absorbed by a larger and larger fiber area.
While a vest can prevent bullet penetration, the vest and wearer still absorb the bullet’s energy. Even without penetration, modern pistol bull

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