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Bullet Proof Vests

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Reflective fabric has a wide range of applications for safety vests,  jackets, uniforms, pants, overalls and bags. Reflective tapes on the fabric used in clothing for construction and utility workers to wear, equipment operators, miners, and in other prominent industry in the security profile is essential. Closed surfaceis lens reflex (glass beads) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) 2 certification (silver only). Our reflective fabric tapes are soft and survival of 25 machines will be cleaned in a warm temperature (105oF) to reduce the reflection only in name. Material is 35% Cotton / 65% polyester. Also, see our reflective

Body Armor Plates

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It was reported that a new generation of body armor plates will be started to create for soldiers in combat early next year.

Army using BAE Systems Aerospace & Defense Group, Ceradyne Inc. and the protection of group X to insert the production of small arms to protect a part of 3 contracts values more than 6 billion U.S. dollars.

The searching for a new protective plate was began in May 2007 by body armor officials for soldiers in armored equipment which is superior to the current strengthening of the small arms protection insert sent.

The soldiers wear a body armor plate in Iraq and Afghanistan, including vests de

Body Armors

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Body armors are designed to prevent projectiles by a protective piece. Modern body armors are also named as bullet proof vests. Police, the army and private security use them as default vest. Although the name of bulletproof is delusory because there is no bullet proof vests available can stop all the bullets.

The evolution of designs and materials processed with time. In the last century the development of ammunition technology has increased the evolution.

Two major groups of the body armor can be established, the use of law enforcement officers set up and use of military or other high-risk groups, such as the Secret Service

History Of Bullet Proof Vests

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Since the human began to realize a means to protect people from injury and other dangerous situations, bullet proof vests have been used then. There are documents for description of these protective measures in history.
Animal skin or leather was firstly used to make the body armors. It was effective to use leather as a barrier to prevent the arms reduction and perforation of the animals and early humans, but it has been proved of little use to smash the weapons. When weapon skills, materials and design was improved, wood and metal shield was used to replace the skin.
By the 14th century, “plate mail” was worn commo

Materials For Ballistic Helmets

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Ballistic helmets are used by persons to protect them from serious injury from shrapnel and other missiles, they are well known in the prior art. A variety of plies of ballistic materials are laid up in a mold and shaped to the configuration of the helmet, most modern ballistic helmets are produced like this. The material made from “aramids” is very suitable for the production of ballistic helmets. This material is relatively expensive. Moreover, a considerable number of materials are used in producing a helmet shell because a considerable number of layers required to produce a helmet to provide the desired degree of protection

What Do The First Body Armors/Bulletproof Vests Look Like ?

Posted on July 29, 2009 - Filed Under BPV, Bullet Proof | Leave a Comment

Military forces have been using body armor since the early middle ages. Armor of metal, leather, cloth liner, silk and other plant materials have been inherent in military operations since then. But the bullet proof vest is a relatively new invention, with the specific design purpose to protect its wearer from firearm shootings. Modern firearms shooting proved to be difficult to stop, because of new manufacturing materials, high speed, and increase in firing rate.
Although the individuals have been establishing and using temporary measures to protect themselves from bullets some time ago, from the late 1800s, Casimir Zeglen of Chicag

Bulletproof Vest, Bullet-Resistant Vest And Ballistic Vest

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A bulletproof vest, bullet-resistant vest and ballistic vest is a type of protective clothing, can absorb the impact of firearms and explosive shrapnel shells fired debris. This protection is for the body. Soft vest is composed of many layers of woven or composite fiber and the protection of wearing bullet fired by some of pistols, shotguns and small fragments of explosives, such as hand grenades.
When metal or ceramic plate for soft vest, it can also be worn to protect from rifle shooting. Combination of metal components or closely interwoven fiber layer, soft armor can offer some protection to the wearer from stab wounds and slashe

New Inner Covering For Bulletproof Helmet

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In general, when soldiers are on military training, running or shooting practices, they wear bulletproof helmets to prevent safety hazards may occur during mentioned occasions.

Multi-layering special Kevlar plastic are often used to made traditional bulletproof helmets. These bulletproof helmets are heavy and inconvenient for soldiers to wear.

The present bulletproof helmets have a new inner covering of a harness. It is to provide a helmet to prevent the heavy bulletproof helmet from being in direct contact with a user to wear the helmet on his head or forehead, thereby to provide user of superior comfort and prevent sweat fr

Ballistic-Resistant Body Armor Saved Many Lives

Posted on July 24, 2009 - Filed Under BPV, Body Armor | Leave a Comment

Since the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) began testing and developing performance standards for bullet proof vests and ballistic and stab resistance in mid-1970s, bullet-proof vest saved more than 3000 police officers’ lives. The NIJ standard has been recognized and accepted gradually throughout the world, making it performance standards for bulletproof vests.

Introduction of Improved Ballistic Material ?

Posted on July 20, 2009 - Filed Under War, BPV, Bullet Proof Material | Leave a Comment

Recently a new materials has been introduced, it is improved to stop bullets and fragments in the applications of military and police body armor. The new material is less weigh up to a 10% compared to the traditional material, also used for soft body armor applications.

New product also provides increased surface durability and chemical resistance to enable it to meet the most demanding standards of the world’s bulletproof vests for military and law enforcement applications.

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