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Increasing protection of the bullet proof vest by a layer of fabric between the ballistic vest and body

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Bulletproof vest Construction must be a wearer, the wearer of the body and the intimate contact, there is no physical space, thereby enhancing both security and ventilation; a pitch Clothing has the same effect; and insert to adapt to the expansion of existing bulletproof vest to a larger role in the same size. Bullet-proof vest is a dense fibrous material in order to protect, such as military, law enforcement or from a person wearing a bullet VIP effects, such as bullets or shrapnel, sharp objects (such as a knife) an

Dream of one World one Body Armor

Posted on October 21, 2009 - Filed Under ballistic vest, Ballistic Helmet, Bullet Proof, Body Armor | Leave a Comment

Facing so many names about the body armor, frank speaking, I am a little confused. Among these names, there are body armors, bullet proof vests or bullet-proof vests, anti riot vests, ballistic vest, etc, I like to use body armors and bulletproof vests very much. Different countries have dif

V50 for Ballistic Vest Testing

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Bullet-proof performance of body armor is measured on the basis of the effect (KE = ½ mv2) bullet kinetic energy. Because the bullets in its ability to penetrate the energy is a key factor in the speed of the ballistic testing as the main independent variable. For most users, a key measurement of the speed will not be bullets penetrate armor. Measurement of the zero-penetration rate (tie) must take into account the variation of armor performance and testing variation. Ballistic tests are a number of sources of change: armor, test support materials, bullets, casing, powder, prim

Bullet Proof Vests

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Reflective fabric has a wide range of applications for safety vests,  jackets, uniforms, pants, overalls and bags. Reflective tapes on the fabric used in clothing for construction and utility workers to wear, equipment operators, miners, and in other prominent industry in the security profile is essential. Closed surfaceis lens reflex (glass beads) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) 2 certification (silver only). Our reflective fabric tapes are soft and survival of 25 machines will be cleaned in a warm temperature (105oF) to reduce the reflection only in name. Material is 35% Cotton / 65% polyester. Also, see our reflective

Quality Control Of Bullet Proof Vests

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Bullet proof vests carry out many tests same as regular clothing do. Fiber and yarn tensile strength are tested by fiber manufacturers and tensile strength of the resulting cloth are tested by fabric weavers.

National Institute of Justice requies to test the rigorous protection of the bullet proof vests. There are differences for various bulletproof vests.

It is very important to have a size label on a vest. It includes not only the style, size, manufacturer’s logo, model, and care instructions, but also must include the protection level, lot number, date of issue, note which side should face up to, and serial number, a

Materials For Ballistic Helmets

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Ballistic helmets are used by persons to protect them from serious injury from shrapnel and other missiles, they are well known in the prior art. A variety of plies of ballistic materials are laid up in a mold and shaped to the configuration of the helmet, most modern ballistic helmets are produced like this. The material made from “aramids” is very suitable for the production of ballistic helmets. This material is relatively expensive. Moreover, a considerable number of materials are used in producing a helmet shell because a considerable number of layers required to produce a helmet to provide the desired degree of protection

Bulletproof Vest, Bullet-Resistant Vest And Ballistic Vest

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A bulletproof vest, bullet-resistant vest and ballistic vest is a type of protective clothing, can absorb the impact of firearms and explosive shrapnel shells fired debris. This protection is for the body. Soft vest is composed of many layers of woven or composite fiber and the protection of wearing bullet fired by some of pistols, shotguns and small fragments of explosives, such as hand grenades.
When metal or ceramic plate for soft vest, it can also be worn to protect from rifle shooting. Combination of metal components or closely interwoven fiber layer, soft armor can offer some protection to the wearer from stab wounds and slashe

Protect Police Dog With Bulletproof Vest

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In the past decade, bullet-proof vests have been distributed to dogs who served on police forces throughout the country. This is due to strict fund-raising and donations. Can imagine, this requires a lot of efforts to raise sufficient funds to make these dog vests, each can cost up to nearly 900 U.S. dollars.
Vests for dogs, Illinois, recently published a dozen vests to local police dogs . Organizations, such as VestaDog.org invite the non-profit organizations to join their crusade to help provide the vests, to raise funds, or to find a dog in need of vest.

Safariland retools body armor models — Bullet Proof Vest

Posted on July 10, 2009 - Filed Under Anti Riot vest, ballistic vest | Leave a Comment

With the expection of increased threats to law enforcement and security officers in the next 10 years, Jacksonville-based Safariland, a branch of BAE Systems, said it has re-tooled its body armor models to face it.

The changes are part of a voluntary program from the National Institute of Justice to establish minimum performance requirements and test methods for the ballistic resistance of personal body armor to improve performance so that officers receive adequate protection. Body armor must now be able to defend against higher-caliber ammunition to better reflect current street threats and law enforcement duty weapons.


Taipei technology exhibit to be held in mid-August

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TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition, or TADTE, will be held from Aug. 13 to 16, with organizer, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), heralding the show as the perfect marketing platform. According to TAITRA, the biennial event is normally staged at the Taipei World Trade Center, but this year it’s being expanded to cover more than 50,000 square meters at both TWTC Hall One as well as the Songshan Air Force Base.
“This rarely open base is expected to welcome more than 20,000 trade visitors to scout out the nation’s military muscle in top notch ground equipmen

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