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What do you know about new material of body armor plate ?

Posted on December 23, 2009 - Filed Under Body Armor Plate, Body Armor |

A technology the United States Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have developed a solution is to increase the hardness and improve the U.S. military used in the ballistic performance of body armor plate material. Researchers, start-up companies is a commercial technology.He knew, boron carbide powder used to form the armor is not melted during sintering - a high-temperature process, the particles consolidated a reputation for poor work performance, to eliminate pores between them in the solid state. Poor sintering yields a more porous material is more likely to fracture - not for the good things it depends on the soldiers to stop bullets.Determined to understand the sintering problem, Speyer built an instrument called a differential measurement of expansion of the process of expansion and sintering heat treatment up to 4300 degrees Fahrenheit the temperature of material shrinkage.From these findings, Speyer and his research team has created a new boron carbide formation process based on temperature and atmospheric conditions for an orderly control of sintering process. This method is high, the relative density - and thus better ballistic performance than the existing boron carbide armor -. (Relative density is a percentage indicating the closed material, is its theoretical density, which means that no pores.) The study has been reported for materials research journal. The current commercial process, called hot pressing, extrusion die of large co-operation between the boron carbide powder, while heated to high temperatures. It produced 98.1%, the relative density of armor material. Speyer’s pressureless sintering method, resulting in a 98.4% relative density and hardness greater than hot. However, this can be done faster and lower cost than hot pressing. For the most demanding applications, post-sintering hot isostatic pressing (HIP) use. It increases the relative density of 100% of parts still water compounded by high temperature and high pressure gas operation. In order for these products, has formed a company to establish a so-called Speyer, Georgia Institute of Technology VentureLab, which helps teachers to support the commercialization of its research advisory verco material. Ceramics experts is the company’s general manager, and Jon Goldman is the VentureLab commercialization catalyst in helping verco started. In addition to bullet-proof vests, the potential military applications include aircraft / rotorcraft protective components. The company’s ballistic missiles, long gloves, thigh and shin bone plates the current design requirements will be made of titanium, but its rising costs, most recently, its efforts to form than boron carbide, Judson and Goldman Sachs Wenzhong said.The news from BPV Body Armor Plate ChinaManufacturer http://www.bodyarmorchina.com


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