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Idea of create bullet proof vest chapter 1

Posted on January 8, 2010 - Filed Under Bullet Proof Vests, Bullet Proof Material, Body Armor |

1893 the idea of bullet-proof vest fabric is nothing new. Only last year the San Francisco jewel heist gang wearing a baseball catcher off the filling of the body armor to strengthen a model - a funny heavy style that enjoin them to slowly return to their carriage of the carriage to escape. In fact, there is a craze for body armor, this year things. A group calling itself the Austrian tailor, Turin Doyle visited a United States and Europe, so that targeted before shooting himself in the crowd declared: “I do not think anything.” But he will not allow anyone to check his vest in close cooperation, and soon become competitive behavior is ridiculous procession on the public eye. Right sides of the Atlantic music hall rings, apparently with the aim of bulletproof performance gunfire sounds. Xigong Ma Maxim machine gun inventor, became so enraged that stupid move, he did not know shows how thick steel plate hidden in the “fabric” is enough to trick. But this is very difficult to sort things soldiers can wear in the field. He was being a skeptical attitude. An officer who finally placed in the hands of Doyle vests found it full of barbed wire and “seems to be a cement material,” and into practical clothing not fashion. Bulletproof showmen fell silent, including Doyle himself. He died in mysterious circumstances, the city of Wiesbaden in Germany, perhaps, feel a little bit in his protests over a “no” more. These are not discouraged Qazi Zeglen, a young priest in Chicago. Brothers Zeglen recently arrived from Poland Galicia province, still, who spoke little English. However, with the city’s condolences to the mayor through his murder, he began to ponder ways to make bullet-proof material. When he does not perform at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in his ministrations, he experimented with unpromising material, scrap steel from the hair and clumps of moss all the dazzling. The news from BPV Body Armor China Bullet Proof VestManufacturer www.bodyarmorchina.com


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