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Idea of create bullet proof vest chapter 2

Posted on January 8, 2010 - Filed Under Bullet Proof Vests, Body Armor |

This is not an easy task. A fatal bullet hit because of its high-speed body piercing through the skin is relatively weak, and then quickly transfer its kinetic energy of the organization of a relatively small area. The bullet-proof vest trick, then disperse in the larger field of energy bullets. Rigid materials do a good job, but for the heavy, clumsy clothes. Lighting flexible, but much less energy consumption and easy. This problem, Zeglen decision was made in both the structure and reinforcement. Steel plate, thin enough to wear as long as uncomfortable, would greatly increase the ability to vest the spread of impact energy. However, wearable vests must be composed of the main fabric. It should be a criss-cross weave to form a strong “net” to catch a bullet, while more effectively rigid material to absorb energy. A few years later, and a quiet visit to Poland in Vienna, some of the main fabric, in June 1897 announced the Chicago Zeglen miracle: He can stop bullets. In a sultry evening of June 1 in Chicago dental professors and “Zeglen cloth body dressed in a” School of officers as lecture halls were made. Earl Dzanic, a visiting Austrian army officers and Zeglen is the use of .44-caliber revolver honor an old friend. He painted a chilling pace of 15 goals a bead and fired. Then he started again, and keep shooting, stop repeatedly refreshed, closed, and only three steps from the body. The body end of the year that the police officer fired 30 rounds of ammunition. No one wearing Zeglen cloth. He did how much? Zeglen the invention is a very traditional and luxury one wonder: silk armor. Silk is known as one of the most powerful material. Japanese samurai armor with their best and shield it. “The secret in weaving,” Zeglen explained to reporters close. Close the channel through the criss-cross the fabric layer, interlayer has a 1.6 mm thick steel plate, he can create a dissipated, as the armored jingle to adapt to bullet energy efficient clothes. Since then let the matter rest Zeglen decline. Although he continued to invent, to tires, fabrics and body armor patent, Zeglen did not make his wealth, he has written the suffering of fellow priests, he hoped he never left his command. Ironically, Zeglen may simply have been ahead of his time. In 2002, the Canadian biotech company Nexia announced that it has found ways to produce large-scale production of genetically engineered goat milk silk spider silk proteins. This envisaged the future of silk, one of the first use of a? Bullet-proof vest.The news from BPV Body Armor China Bullet Proof Vest Manufacturer www.bodyarmorchina.com


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