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  • Bullet-proof Math Problem description
  • Twaron is a strong fiber. Teijin Twaron is a split off from AKZO-Nobel, and is now part of Teijin, a Japanese company. Teijin Twaron is responsible for developing the Twaron fiber and its applicat [02-24-2009]
  • Bullet Proof Vest B-2
  • Bullet Proof Vest B-2:Aramid, TWARON, pockets on front and back for ceramic pla [02-03-2009]
  • Bulletproof Math
  • Teijin Twaron is a company that develops and produces fibres for bullet proof vests. In order to compare two fibres (or two bullet proof vests made of two fibres [02-03-2009]
  • Ballistic Helmets
  • Ballistic Helmets. Our helmets are the next-generation ... ballistic protection. Standard Mil-Spec design PASGT. Helmet offers coverage from ballistic [01-18-2009]
  • BULLETPROOF VEST PROGRAM. STATUS OF FUNDS. 1. Total expenditures previously reported. 2. Total expenditures this period. [01-18-2009]
  • Bulletproof Vest
  • Bulletproof Vest Supporting Police-Soldiers in Southern Provinces ... produce 100 bulletproof vests to support and increase safety for police officers [01-18-2009]
  • Body Armor-US Armor Corporation
  • Contract for Body Armor, pursuant to Western State Contracting Alliance [01-18-2009]
  • TurtleSkin Body Armor
  • TurtleSkin Body Armor ensures a high safety margin with an average of only ... TurtleSkin SoftPlate Body Armor is the new benchmark of performance [01-18-2009]
  • Modern Body Armor Sports Equipment
  • A roman legionary wearing chain mail body armour. and a bronze Coolus type helmet. ... The return of polymeric body armour. High silk ballistic collar [01-18-2009]
  • Body Armor as Personal Protective Equipment
  • The body armor plate can prevent people from damage in a hit on hit on body. Please contact us if you are interested in body armor plate.We can supply all kinds of body armor plate. Different design a [01-18-2009]
  • Our main market is France
  • Our main market is France , Germany , Spain , UK , Holland , Sweden , Finland , Poland , Norway , Australia , south Africa and USA [01-09-2009]